Association of Real Estate Agents in the province of Alicante  



APIAL is the association of Real Estate Agents in the province of Alicante formed in agreement with the article 22 of the Constitution, the organic Law 1/2002, from March 22nd and other current provisions adjusted to the subject.


APIAL has been constituted under the protection of The Official Association of Real Estate Agents of Alicante, and offers to their associates the same rights that the collegiate members enjoy.


The purposes of this Association are to represent and defend the professional interests, according to the current laws, of the persons that on a regular ad paid basis, are dedicated to providing real estate services and real estate assets management, and especially to the mediation, intermediation, assessment, advice and management on real estate transactions, in relation to purchase-sale transactions, rent, swap or transfer of any property, ensuring the citizens’ rights, users of those services..


SIf you want to be part of our organization, you just need to ask for it:

There are different ways to register in APIAL:

1.- Prove being in possession of a high school degree and a minimum of five years of experience at the real estate intermediation activity. In this case, the registration will be definitive when the candidate have done the training course provided by the Association.

2.- Prove being in possession of a specific training at the real estate sector, given by public or private university, equivalent to twenty European credits.

3.- Prove being in possession of the Professional qualification at the Real Estate management, regulated by the Royal Decree 1550/2011, from the October 31st, or rule that replace it.

4.- Possess the Academic or official certification necessary to access to the membership, in accordance with the General Statutes of Real Estate Agents, must be capable of providing proof of a year minimum experience at the Real Estate sector.

5.- Provide proof of past membership, in an active situation more than a year, as long as the reason of the dismissal was not due to sanctions proceedings or to a judicial or administrative resolution.

6.- Being an active collegiate API in a territorial Real Estate Organization.



Benefit from all the advantages that APIAL offers you:

The COAPI from Alicante as institutional partner of APIAL offers a great brunch of information and training services that are helpful for the associates to act correctly on his profession, on this way The Real Estate Agents associated to APIAL have all the 3tools that the COAPI have for their collegiate members:
- A dynamic web site with legislation, contracts, agreements, news.,

- TheCOAPI from Alicante has a legal advice for the associates.

-: is the database and property listing, property of COPAI from Alicante, all the collegiate and ALSO THE APIAL ASSOCIATES can use it.

- Continuous training: the COAPI regularly organizes training courses to which you can sign up.

- PIC:Remember that the COAPI also works as a free information cadastral point, what will facilitate you to get the information of the cadastral data.

- Advice and collaboration by the association board of directors.

- Professional liability insurance  for the associates.

- Inscription at the EXPERTS TIME for assessments.