The COAPI has a CADASTRAL INFORMATION POINT, set at C/ Arzobispo Loaces, 5. Thanks to this initiative, the residents of Alicante could access to the following services.

Enquiry service and certificate of unprotected cadastral data

» From the PIC, all the residents could check the protected information about the properties add to the Cadastral National Database and apply for their electronic certificate.


Who can access to this service

» The registered owner in the cadastral database.

  • » The legal representatives or their volunteers, that need to accredit the representation.

» The persons authorized by the owners.


Those interested may request.

» Literal Certificates.

  • » Graphic and descriptive certificates.
  • » Negative certificates of not being an owner of the properties at the Cadastral Database.

Electronic Certificate validity and efficacy.

The documents generated by Cadastral Information Point will contain the expedition date and an electronic code that will allow the verification of its authenticity and will have full validity and effectiveness, as it is established in the article 96 of the Law 58/2003, from the 17 of December, General Taxation, and by the article 41 of the Law of Real Estate Cadastre.

Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday 9:00 to 14:00.

Certificate fees:

Literal or negative Certificate 10,00€ + IVA
Graphic and descriptive certificate 12,00 €+ IVA


If you are not the cadastral owner, you can download here the authorization..

Authorization Model