API´s Guarantee


Here below we explain you the guarantees that a collegiate member will offer you in any possible situation.


The sell of a property is a long and expensive process in which serious mistakes can be made without the advice of a Real Estate Property Agent, whose guarantee:

Has an official degree and a specific training at the sector.
That ensures a good knowledge of the market for the valuation of your property, knowledge of the selling techniques for the efficient sell of your property. As well as, the agent is accredited by the API´s Association of Alicante, what assures the respect for the professional code of ethics.

Will complete the process with the utmost professionalism.
The selling of a property requires a great amount of documents that the API will provide. The agent will mediate between the seller and the buyer until process is completed, ensuring that both parts will be benefitted and satisfied.

All the intermediation work will be completed by The Collegiate
The API will announce your property, search for potential buyers and show it to the interested buyers. Always looking for creditworthy buyers to ensure the successful end of the transaction.


The Agent will search for the property that best suits your needs.
The API will complete an exhaustive search of properties that fit your demands. Always advising in good faith and informing you all the market properties.

The Agent will be an intermediary all the time. 
The Real Estate Agent will always mediate and search for the most beneficial outcoming for the buyer and seller, balancing the needs of both parties.

The Agent will ensure that all the legal requirements of the transaction are complied with.
The API will provide optimal services to their clients, so they always will ensure that everything is in order, and that the property is under optimum condition.


Whether you are a seller or buyer choose an API, if you don´t know how to find one, enter www.apired.com, the web is 100% managed by Real Estate Agents. Put your home in the best hands.


For those who want to rent your properties you need to know the guarantees an API can offer you:


Carefully selected tenants.
A professional will be interested in the tenant who wants to rent a property, will check if that person is trustworthy, in that way the landlord can be at ease.

Well written contracts. 
The Real Estate Agents know the legislation necessary to avoid contracts that could damage both, tenant and landlord.

The Agent will be at your service as long as the contract is in effect. 
For our agents is important that any issue that could emerge during the contract term will be resolved without negative consequences to any of the parties.



If you are searching for a property to rent, you probably don’t know that an API will make sure you have a professional treatment and a successful result. That is what a Collegiate Agent has for you:

Save of time and money. 
The Agent will look for the best offer which suits your needs within its large database of properties. If none of the properties satisfy your needs, the API will continue searching for you, without inconveniencing you.

The Agent will guarantee that the property is in optimal conditions. 
A Collegiate Agent will ensure that its clients find the property they are really searching and in the best conditions to live in it.

Prevent that unfair or illegal terms are included in the contract.
An API will ensure that both, tenant and owner benefit from the contract, avoiding that any of them is harmed.

Remember that if you are looking for a property to rent or Collegiate Agents looking for tenants for your home, the Professional Association of Real Estate Agents of Alicante, provides with the Real Estate Portal managed 100% by Collegiate Agents. Come in, you will not regret it www.apired.com