The Official and Professional Association of Real Estate Agents of Alicante offers you a brunch of information and training services that are useful for the API to correctly perform his job

» At the website you can find all the documents and information: legislation, contracts, conventions, news.

» The COAPI of Alicante offer legal consulting to their members. For that information contact :

D. Rafael Moreno Ubric
Dª Alexandra Gómez Pérez
(send email to legal adviser)

APIRED: Is the database and  Property Portal, ownership of COAPI, that put al the service of their Collegiate Agents so that particulars offer them the arrangements of their properties via internet.

» Continuous training: The Association organize regularly training courses so that our Agents are broadly qualified. (see courses).

» Participation the legal experts listss.

» Free Collegial Visa .

» PIC (CADASTRAL INFORMATION POINT): Remember that the COAPI  also works as free Cadastral Information Point, what will improve a property information from Alicante.

» Assessment and collaboration from the Governing Board.

» It is really important for us in that profession to have a civil and professional liability Insurance for the Collegiate members and in that way to compensate any negligence caused by the fulfilment of their duties.