COAPI Alicante Functions


The Official and Professional Association of Real Estate Agents of Alicante Functions are:

Protect and Defend the profession:

At the administration, institutions, courts, entities and particulars, exercising criminal options, civil, administrative or social actions, in accordance with the current law. Elaborate the particular articles of the Association and its modifications submitting it for the approval of the respective institutions.

Always keep our collegiate informed:

Inform about projects or initiatives of legislatives or executives bodies and from other institutions that require it.
Inform about the organization rules of the educational centers related to the profession.
Organize and promote relevant activities for the collegiate agents .

Collaborate with the judicial authorities and other public offices:

By making analyses, issue of reports, development of statistics and other activities related with your goals, that may be requested or required.

Organize and manage the expert appointment services:

At the behest of the administrative or judicial bodies.

Participate in subjects of the profession:

In the administrative bodies as well as in interprofessional bodies.

Represent the profession:

In social councils and in the University boards, according to the rules that regulate it.

Ease the access to the professional life of the graduates

By providing training courses and professional development.

Facilitating the contact between companies and graduates.

Ensure the collegiate agents are covered with liability insurance.

To authorize the professional work of the collegiate members

Accrediting authorship and membership to the Association.

Honor the profession

We ensure ethics and professional dignity, and the respect to the particular rights, enforcing the legal provisions to our collegiate members when they affect the profession.

Exercise the disciplinary authority in the professional and collegial order.

To procure the armory and the collaboration between the collegiate members, and to prevent the unfair competition and the illicit advertising.

Exercise arbitration functions

We intervene, upon request, to conciliate any issues that arise because of professional motives, or arise between the collegiate agents or between those and their clients.

Resolve the discrepancies that may arise in relation with the professional behavior of the collegiate agents and the perception of their fee, through a sentence that previously the concerned parties are submitted.

However many other functions required for the benefits of the Profession and the Collegiate´s interests.