Requirements for being a Collegiate Member

It is crucial for us that the API is recognized by the society given the the importance of the work they develop and the patrimonial consequences of their intervention
The COAPIoffers several services, both to the collegiate member and to the society, that is why we invite the professional who meet the requirements of the General Statute to join our collegiate system. Here we explain the steps to follow.


  • » To be of legal age and not to have a disability sentence.
  • » To have a Bachelor´s, Graduate, License, Engineer, Architect, Technical Architect, Technical
  • » Engineer degree or the Real Estate Official tittle issued by the Ministry.Have no criminal record that could disable you for the professional performance.


    • To effectively enter in the Official Association you have to:

    » Fill out and send application addressed to the President.

  • » Pay the administrative expenses to be a member.
    » Pay the General Counsel fee.
    » Affidavit to refer to the General Counsel.You can find this documentation at the one-stop shop



  • Documentation to provide:

» Photocopy of National Identity Document.

» Presentation of Official API tittle or Official University degree.

» Two DNI size pictures.

» Criminal background check.

» Letter requesting the payment of the collegiate fees through the bank of your preference.


  • Notes of interest for the future collegiate member:

» It is mandatory that the member is registered in the Social Security System as a freelance. 

» It is mandatory to be registered in the Economic Activity System. 

Nevertheless, we suggest you to visit section’’ Steps to be followed to open a professional Real Estate Agent office’’ here we explain in detail.

The request and documentation must be send by email to